This useful resource is available to aid you in the selling of your timber. A timber sale is a serious matter requiring careful preparation. The results of many years of past timber growth are at stake, and the condition of the forest after the sale affects its productivity for many years to come.

The basic checklist includes:

  • Hire a registered forester or consultant forester to help with planning the sale of timber
  • Seek professional tax help prior to the sale
  • Develop a management plan
  • Develop a harvesting schedule
  • Develop a pre-harvest schedule
  • Check references, experience, applicable licenses and certification of all parties involved
  • Consult with registered forester or consultant forester to draft contract
  • Have attorney review contract
  • Arrange pre-harvest meeting with buyer and/or logger. Discuss issues such as Best Management Practices for Forestry.
  • Monitor harvesting operation
  • Closeout with buyer/logger.

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