Cogongrass has quickly become one of the worst invasive plant threats in Alabama. Considered one of the worst weeds in the world for good reason, cogongrass is aggressive, tenacious, and extremely difficult to control. It is rapidly spreading in throughout Alabama, reducing forest and pasture productivity, destroying wildlife habitat, impacting right-of-ways, and presenting a huge fire hazard. Landowners need to learn how to spot the cogongrass in early stages and take actions to stop the spead.

I discovered cogongrass on my property in Greene County about 10 years ago and have been treating with herbicides. It seems more spots appear each year. In addition to treating the spots we intend to keep GPS records on previous spots and make sure no cogongrass reappears in these areas.

There are many good brochures on cogongrass treatment but I have enclosed a link to one from Alabama’s TREASURED Forest magazine. If you need help please contact your local government forester, your cooperative extension service, or your Federal NCRS representative.


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